Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades

top-down bottom-up cellular shades

Top-down bottom-up shades are a combination of function and beauty and can complement the decor of any room. The shade itself is a cellular shade, often called honeycomb shades because of the honeycomb design that's presented when viewed from the side.

These window coverings are available in the traditional pull-down control but the top-down feature adds a completely different element in design. This allows the shade to be lowered from the top - ideal for rooms that need some sunlight from the outdoors while giving you the ability to control the amount of privacy by allowing the shade to lower to the level of your liking.

And they still can be raised just like a typical shade. The top-down bottom-up window shade gives you the best of both worlds with its unique dual-control mechanism. Taking it one step further, these cellular shades are available with the cordless lift option so there are no visible cords. This offers,  a clean look and an added measure of safety for children and pets..

Insulating Shades

The unique structure of the individual cells make it one of the most energy efficient window shade available. The material helps keep the outside air from entering your home while each cell of the shade provide pockets of air to provide warmth in the cold, winter months and cool air indoors during the summer.

Fabric and Color

The amount of sunlight that passes through the shade is determined by the choice of material - which can range from sheer to blackout fabric. And they are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, making them even more versatile as a window covering for family rooms, bedrooms or formal dining rooms.

Top;-down bottom-up cellular shades are available from Bellagio Window Fashions in Toledo OH.