Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sidelight Blinds Next To The Front Door Can Improve Home Security

sidelight blinds
Sidelight Blinds On Front Door
While you're improving the appearance of your home, take an extra step and improve the security of your home by  covering the windows next to your front door. It's a simple thing to do and I think you'll find it worthwhile to do.

Quite a few home in the Toledo area have sidelights -those are the long, narrow windows that are next to a door, especially the front door. A sidelight serves main two functions: they provide additional light into a home and they allow a way to look out and see who is at the door. The problem is that if you can look out through these windows, someone on the outside can look inside your home!"

Here are some statistics you may like to consider:

1) 34% of home break-ins occur through the front door
2) 40 percent of home burglaries do not involve forced entry.
3) Investigations have shown that burglars look for homes that have easy access, where they can get in and out quickly.
4) Most burglaries occur between 10am and 3pm (a time when parents are most likely to be at work and kids at school)

And there are plenty of ways that the front door windows can be covered. Windows adjacent to the front door are very common, so there are a number of options available. In many cases, you can get window treatments that will match those throughout the rest of your home, especially if you have blinds. Manufacturers of blinds and shades have custom sizes that may be ordered. You can even get shutters for your window treatments for sidelights on the front door.

As a full-service window treatment company we always check to see if a client has sidelights and, if so, we suggest they order the sidelight blinds when purchasing window blinds for the other windows in their home. This way we can get a color match and by taking exact measurements we can be sure the blinds can be made to fit their windows.

In most cases, we're also usually able to have a small valance put over the door window blinds to make the match of window treatments even more complete. The difficulty with sidelights is that other types of hard-treatments such as window shades and especially specialty shades such as Trilight shades, Window Shadings or Silhouettes (TM) from Hunter Douglas (TM) have limitations as to how narrow the shade can be made. In those circumstances, narrow curtains on a small curtain rod can be a viable option; just make sure that the fabric is thick enough to provide the privacy you want", she added.

Bellagio Window Fashions of Toledo installs a variety of different types of custom window treatments for homes and businesses in the Toledo area. And installing blinds or shades on all windows throughout a home is a common practice for us.

We have clients in Toledo, obviously, but we also have clients in all of the surrounding areas such as, Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, Monclova, Ottawa Hills, Bowling Green and Rossford. And, of course, the Toledo Metro area also extends into Temperance, Lambertville and even Monroe in southeaster Michigan, which we also service. Clients will usually follow our advice get their sidelight blinds installed with the window treatments in the other areas of their home. But, at times we'll have clients decorate their home in stages and have us come back to include the windows that were not initially included."

And getting curtains or blinds for sidelights is very inexpensive, so we just think it's a smart move. It's just a matter of remembering to have those windows covered. Do you have questions about window treatments for your sidelights? If so, just give us a call at 419-381-2700.

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