Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pattern Focus: Polka Dots (11 photos)

With their fun-loving persona, polka dots are a go-to pattern for decorating nurseries and kids’ spaces. But they’re not just for kiddos. Check out the benefits of using polka dots to create a bright spot in your home.

Patio Details: A Modern Pergola Stands Up to Nebraska’s Climate (6 photos)

Architect Steven Ginn can attest to the climate challenges homeowners and designers face in Nebraska. “Omaha goes through 60 really hard freeze-thaw cycles a year,” he says, and temperatures can swing up 40 degrees from below freezing over the course of a few hours. In summer, oppressive...

Shop Houzz: Make Your Own Terrarium Centerpiece (55 photos)

Terrariums — enclosures with their own decorative plant ecosystems, scaled to tabletop size — have been having a moment for more than a few seasons. Miniature forests, jungles and canyons, placed most often in glass bowls, vases and cages, are perfect for dining room tables, consoles and coffee tables....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flower Shows Sow Ideas to Use in Your Own Garden (10 photos)

If you’re looking for inspiration for your garden, annual flower shows are a great source. The Royal Horticultural Society’s famous Chelsea Flower Show, in London, is in May, and there are lots of other great garden shows from...

My Houzz: A Century’s Worth of Charm in Maryland (30 photos)

Angelique and Dan Hoffman’s 100-plus-year-old home possesses features today’s home builders boast about: high ceilings, lots of natural light, a floor plan in which one room flows easily into the next, a large kitchen adjacent to the family room and a wraparound porch. It also has those old-fashioned...

Houzz TV: This Guy’s Giant Lego Collection Proves Everything Is Awesome (4 photos)
Like most kids, architect Jeffrey Pelletier was a big fan of Legos as a child. But unlike most kids, he never gave up playing with the colorful toys. Now he’s amassed a collection of about a quarter of a million pieces in the basement of his family’s 1902

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4 Japanese Homes Proudly Speak to Their Surroundings (11 photos)

It’s no secret that key elements of Japanese interior design and architecture have been influencing homes around the world for decades, and with the launch of Houzz Japan this month, that point has been made very clear. Take these four uniquely Japanese homes, for instance. Not only are they representative...

My Houzz: Gentlemen’s-Club-Meets-Treehouse Style in Brooklyn (16 photos)

It wasn’t until Antoni Porowski moved into Joey Krietemeyer’s Brooklyn, New York, studio apartment that everything began to change in the creative couple’s perspective on home design. Each had a growing interest in interior design thanks to their professions — Krietemeyer is...

Shop Houzz: Design an Outdoor Living Room (55 photos)

This is the season for outdoor living: alfresco dinner parties, impromptu poolside lunches, cocktail hours under the stars and, of course, naps on spa-style lounge chairs set beneath an accommodating umbrella. This Houzz Shop collection can help you create an inviting outdoor room that suits your taste....

Reusing Old Furniture

Reusing Old Furniture - House & Home

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Window Treatments

Woven Wood Shades -

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Window Treatments

Bellagio Window Fash

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Window Treatments

Bellagio Window Fash

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